I shops my closet

I shops my closet. That’s right. It all started in 2006 when I challenged myself to stop buying clothes. Yes, I wanted to save money. In 2006 who didn’t? Besides, I had just bought a car after years without a car payment and I wasn’t used to the pocketbook hit. What would happen if I stopped buying clothes for awhile?

So that year I didn’t buy any new clothes. Well, I made exceptions for shoes and undies and only if they wore out! I also allowed myself to buy the occasional workout garment.

What did I learn?
1) I’ve been blessed with great clothes.
2) Choosing from a limited number of options forced me to get creative.
3) I finally started chipping away at my alterations pile.
4) Did I mention I have great clothes?

I’ll explain more about those lessons in future posts. A couple of things began to happen along the way as well. In the past, whenever someone invited me to a concert or a wedding or a special event, I would have stressed and felt the need to go shopping to find something.  With a moratorium on buying new clothes, I began to shop my closet, putting together outfits from what I already had. Six years later I still limit my clothes spending! Below is an example of a recent  “I shops my closet” adventure, an outfit I put together for a jungle themed baby shower, all from items already in my closet.  I’d love to hear about your closet adventures!

Outfit I wore to a jungle themed baby shower recently

Blouse: 7 years old. Crocheted corset: 10 years old. Skirt: 8 years old


11 thoughts on “I shops my closet

    • Ani, thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog and of course for commenting! I will have to take a look at your blog. It looks very colorful! Cleaning out the closet can be so energizing. I actually cleaned the cabinet under my sink. Makes me feel so much more “free”. But I never got around to mopping my floor!

  1. I stopped shopping alsmost 90 days ago as a challenge to myself.
    It has changed the way I look at my wardrobe and my shopping habits.
    I have realised that I too have great clothes and really don’t need to add that much, so will allow myself seasonal updates in the future but not continuous spending.

    • Laura, it’s a fun journey, isn’t it? I love your blog. Very beautifully done! Thanks so much for stopping by to read mine and for commenting!

      • Thanks Angela!
        It has been a fun and interesting journey.
        I’ve learned a lot about myself!
        Some good and some maybe not so! 🙂

  2. Hello There, you won’t believe what I just finished doing!!! Cleaning out my closet and putting my shoes in see through shoe boxes. The Blessing is…this morning while shopping at Kroger’s they had these clear shoe boxes on sale…four pack on the Manager’s Special for $1.49. That is about .35 per box. I ended up with a total of 24 boxes for less than $9.00. The closet is looking pretty good…Since I have gained some weight…Who am I kidding ..a lot of weight, I have learned to extend the wear of my clothes by adding some matching fabric to the waist so I can still wear my clothes and the Blessing in that is that I am sewing more…and when I get back in better shape all I have to do is remove the excess fabric and sew the original back up. So I said all of that to say, Yes I am shopping my closet…and check out the manager’s specials you don’t know what you will find. Yeah!!!
    Chris M.

    • Hi Ms. M! Thanks for reading my blog! I love those clear shoeboxes also. I got a bunch once from Sam’s. I try to make sure my shoe collection stays within the number of shoeboxes that I have on hand, lol!

  3. I gave up shopping for a while as well; however, I have replaced clothes with camera equipment– the vicious cycle of consumerism continues . . . .

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