Fashionistas spotted in Baltimore!

As you might have guessed, I love fashion. I also love to observe how other women express themselves through their clothes. On the last day of the VOCUS Users Conference, I got brave and based on advice given by one of the speakers, Dayna Steele, I did as any ‘rock star” would. I asked. And then I snapped. Check out these stylish women. What do you think?

Innovative Individuality

Spotted at conference: Looking Goood!

This young diva (Amy) was fashionably casual all week. I had to snap this photo.The skinny jeans paired with the casual wedges and printed knit top made a statement of style great for my blog.

Creative Conference Fashion

Another creative look I just couldn’t pass by. Loved the hair, the snappy shawl and my favorite, the green flats which are perfect for lots of airport walking. Go Veleisa!

Great casual pieces working together

Catherine did a great job of working casual pieces (beige flats, jean top and red patterned skirt) to form a comfortable, yet pulled together look. The big red bag (though she tried to hide it) was a roomy, hobo style bag that iced this very fashionable cake.

And finally, rocking my “I-shops-my-closet” look

Me, rocking one of my red-striped blouse dilemma outfits.

I thought I’d add my own casual last day of conference look. Yes, it’s from my previous blog post. One of the looks devised from the red striped blouse


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