Fashionista sighting in Charlotte

So last week I was going for a fitness walk in Uptown over lunch.  When I’m fitness-walking, fashion is the last thing on my mind. I wear a pair of walking shoes, a t-shirt, and a visor. While this is the PERFECT outfit for a calorie-burning walk in the hot sun, it is definitely not a fashion statement-making ensemble.
On my walk I spotted a woman whose outfit just screamed “take my picture!” Didn’t want to bother her, but I changed my mind.  An outfit that well-put together was once in a lifetime.

“May I snap your photo for my blog?” I asked.  She laughed, agreed and told the person on the phone that she was being asked to be photographed. “I’ve been getting that all day with this outfit,” she said into the phone.

I can see why, I told her. You really “put your foot in it” with that combination. And speaking of feet, those shoes! Of course the shoes had to be photographed!
So what made this outfit “must see?” I loved the way she used the neutral navy dress as a backdrop for several keenly placed bright blue accents. There is bright blue in the lace top, bright blue in the bracelet, bright blue in the necklace and of course, those superstar shoes! The silvery scarf-belt at her waist pulled everything together and added the perfect highlight. Our model looked confident, feminine, fun and flirty.

Who is our model?  Mrs. Kimberly M. Tabor! She is a Wedding Director and Event Coordinator. If you’d like to have contact her, I’ll help you get in touch with her.

Your thoughts on this outfit? What did you notice? Ever had a “great outfit day” loaded with compliments? Do share!


2 thoughts on “Fashionista sighting in Charlotte

  1. Cuzzo, i love that she is not afraid of color! often we stay in a “safe” color box, especially when we are not Traditional “Model” size! But Mr.s Tabor, was fabulous and fashionable! Its all in how you rock an outfit that make you pull it off!

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