When to say YES! to the dress

I bought three new items the other day which inspired me to ponder when it’s okay to add items to the closet.

As many of you know, I’m pretty much a “shop your closet kind of girl.” I rarely buy new clothes and instead prefer to use the fabulous items already in my closet in new and creative ways.

Howeva! The other day I noticed that Ivy and Leo in uptown was having one of its monster 75% off sales.

I gave a quick perusal and found three items that fit my “say yes to the dress” philosophy.


One was a fuschia felt pea coat. Why yes? Great color for my skin, love the belted pea coat for my hour-glass shape, and the price at $23 seemed like a steal.


Then I found this cute jade green number. A bit shorter than I usually go for, but tights or leggings would solve that problem. Also, I love the “cold shoulder” cut-outs and the color makes my skin pop. With the sale: $10!image

Finally, came across this take on an animal print. Teal blue and beige with some reptile skin and leopard spots mixed in. Add my curves and you’ve got a show-
stopper that can work on the beach or the dance floor, depending upon accessories and mood. Price? $13!

Conclusion: Three new items for under $50! A veritable fashion coup!

What made me say yes to the dress?
1) Is the color good for my skin? YES!
2) Figure-flattering? YES!
3) Can the item be mixed in with what I already own? YES!
4) Must be timeless…able to extend beyond the trends YES!
4) Will the purchase keep me within my budget for the month? Wellll…..


3 thoughts on “When to say YES! to the dress

  1. You’re right about the colors and shapes for your skin tone and figure! Show stoppers and great deals. These are fine additions to be shopped from your closet and accessorized for many outings to come. You go girl!

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