30 Sunday Suppers-Introduction

I went home to Florence last week to visit my mom. Before heading back to Charlotte on Sunday, Mom, Robert and I went to visit my cousins, Isaiah and Martha Ann Harley. We had a great time talking and catching up, as I hadn’t seen them for quite a while. As we finally got up to leave, Martha Ann offered us some food to take with us. I declined, but Robert said yes. Not only did she have enough, she also handed out styrofoam to-go containers!

There is something comforting about being from the South. We believe in providing travelers with a glass of water when they visit and something to take with them for the journey home.

“People are always stopping by,” Martha Ann said. “I like to cook enough.”

Martha Ann’s Sunday supper reminded me of Sunday meals at my grandmother’s. After church, Mom, Allison and I almost always ended up there because we knew Mutti would have dinner prepared with plenty for us all.

I remember her saying that she liked to have everything prepared the night before so she wouldn’t have to “heat up the kitchen” on Sunday. Instead she would “just warm it up.”

When Mutti passed away, we had to do our own Sunday cooking. We rarely if ever prepped the night before and almost always heated up the kitchen on Sunday after church. My sister and I learned to cook that way. I think we’ll always treasure those times. Both time spent at Mutti’s and the cooking we did together after her death.

Now I have my own kitchen and my own life and unfortunately have not made “Sunday Suppers” a priority. The life of a busy single woman with a myriad of interests can get pretty hectic.

Visiting Cousins Martha Ann and Isaiah reminded me of how beautiful that tradition is and how much I’d like to emulate it in my own life. I mean, I like to cook and try new recipes, and it’s not like I don’t have a ton of cookbooks and recipe clippings (both online and in folders) to choose from.

So what’s stopping me? Yes, I am busy at work with new responsibilities and doing more with less. Yes, I teach Creative Writing at the local community college. Yes, I am working on a novel and participating in a critique group. Yes, I am in a new relationship.

Buuut a girl’s gotta eat, right?

Can I do 30 Sunday Suppers? We shall see. It all starts with one.


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