Kondo Can-do My Step 1

So you’re supposed to start the Konmari process with the first category, clothes. I wanted to do that desperately, but first I had to actually FIND space in my fully stuffed house.

I’m a bit embarrassed to show you just how “bordering hoarder” I have become, so I won’t. Let’s just say that it took me six hours (give or take a few breaks and checking work email) to clear out my office/storage room so I could see the floor. I will show you the finished result.


Believe it or not, you could not see the floor six hours ago.

I moved everything on the floor to the garage. Mind you, everything there was NOT on my office floor. There’s storage and garden supplies there.

That blue tarp is ready for more of my piles from the other stuffed rooms, but glad I don’t need it right now.


I have temporarily placed my office floor contents to the garage. I will be back to get to the joy!

I have to admit, it feels great getting my piles out of my would-be office. I feel lighter and my mind a bit clearer.

I am even more excited because I know that I will eventually get back to evaluating my boxes and bags when I reach that step. 

Now to start laying out my clothes in my newly cleared space!


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