My Women’s March Experience

Here’s my essay in the literary journal,  ChangeSeven on the Women’s March on Washington.  I embarked upon this journey with my friend, Gail Summerskill. I answered a call for writers  from editor, Sheryl Monks and the crazy woman agreed to publish my piece and even asked for more! I’ve enclosed an excerpt and a link to the story below.


Me and my bud, Gail Summerskill. We traveled to the Women’s March on Washington. This was a selfie we took on the day of the March, January 21.

EXCERPT: We probably should have taken a selfie or something, but we didn’t. We’re just trying to get it together, and of course I’m running late. At about 11:15 pm Thursday, my husband Robert dropped me off at my friend Gail’s house, along with my duffle bag, two medium-sized insulated meal bags, several bottles of water and my pillow. Gail, 63, is my bud. We met 14 years ago when we were both looking for a writing group to join. She’s the kind of person who makes friends wherever she goes. She’s genuine, caring, kind, and she has blazing red hair she keeps fresh from a bottle “for drama.”

She’s white and I’m black, and when it comes to our friendship, race doesn’t matter. It’s not that we don’t see or appreciate each other’s race; we do. But when it comes to our friendship, it’s about being friends, caring about each other’s causes and being there for one another.

Read the entire essay here


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