A morning in the life of a backyard composter


I love composting. Even though I’m not using the compost right now, it just feels good to know my food waste isn’t going to a landfill. Instead it is helping to create a mini eco-system right in my backyard!  On most Saturday mornings,  I add some food waste to my bin and it is always incredibly easy. First I create a nice hole in my bin. I use an old rake handle and I just dig around and around.image Then I dumped in the waste I had been collecting all week. imageI use empty spinach and kale containers to collect my food waste. I get them from a big box shopping club store since I eat alot of fresh spinach and kale.

Part of my weekly food waste collection

Once the hole is made, it’s all about stirring the waste materials around and keeping the water flowing. It reminds me of the human digestive process, but for nature.

Dump, water, stir

You can see that I then fill in with leaves, patting everything back in place. The last step for me is to add some more leaves from my leaf pile and lots of water to keep the pressure on the compost. As long as I follow these steps, I don’t have to worry about animals digging around, looking for what I put in there. The material  breaks down into rich, dark compost, waiting for me, if and when I ever choose to use it.

Composting doesn’t have to be that difficult. To learn more, visit Mecklenburg County’s waste management site: www.wipeoutwaste.com.