Did I do that? An @KonMari_method mistake?


I’ve started re-hanging the clothes that I have already accepted with joy into my life because frankly, I could only handle seeing my “hangable” clothes in a massive pile on the floor for so long.


Picture my nice “hang-ables” on the floor. I couldn’t picture them there long which is why you don’t see them now!

Not sure if I was supposed to do that, but because Kondo says we can sort in sections, I figured I was okay.

Now that those items are back, my closet seems extra packed, even though I’ve reduced it by two garbage bags!

Part of the problem is that Kondo has us putting all seasons together. I usually separate my closet into fall/winter and spring/summer, switching out each season.

Closet was feeling too full after combining all seasons in one!

Closet was feeling too full after combining all seasons in one!

Now I am facing a packed, all-seasons closet and more clothes will need to go in there as I still have “sets” and “light jackets” to consider. This has made me question my original joyous decisions.

  • Is everything newly replaced in the now overflowing closet really a joy-sparker?
  • Did I cheat on some decisions and let my practical brain take over?
  • What if an item didn’t spark joy, but sparked a lot of compliments, should I have kept it?

If I do love everything in there, as long as it sparks joy, that’s supposed to be fine. At the same time I don’t think it would hurt to run them by one more sorting phase, just to be sure. I don’t receive joy from an overfull closet.

So before I go any further, I am going to add a step: trying on the items I have already re-hung and once again asking myself, “Does this spark joy? No really, I mean it this time…JOY!?”

Maybe I should have added that step before I moved to rehanging, or maybe I should have been more discerning with my previous decisions.

Not sure how long this added step is going to take. Kondo says the whole discarding process from clothes to books, then papers and beyond could take half a year. I’m committed to seeing this process through, so stay tuned! Check out this video for more visuals! 


Still enthusiastic (kinda) about the @KonMari_method


So I’ve been Marie Kondo-ing my immediate surroundings, starting with my clothes. From the piles I am selecting those items that bring me joy.


This is just one section of clothes I've piled up to sort.

I have limited time so while I took all clothes from my closets and drawers, and shoes from everywhere, I’ve had to sort them in sections, doing chunks at a time.


I’ve probably made it through about half of my wardrobe heap and started re-hanging certain items, attempting to order them so they “rise to the right.” This rising to the right business seems somewhat subjective. More on that later.


Are these clothes "rising to the right?" I hope so.

So far, I’ve got a garbage bag full of non-joy for Goodwill and a smaller pile for possible consignment.


To Goodwill and a second phase of life for these items.


This pile for consignment.

It’s been both a grueling and energizing experience.  Grueling because I am blessed with a huuuge amount of clothes that need sorting. Energizing because I am ridding myself of items that are not joyous in my life, so I feel lighter. Lighter is good.


These hangers represent a lighter me.

Marie Kondo “Konverts” please to share your KonMari experiences.

Empty your purse at night? @KonMari_method says yes


If you empty your purse at night, you rest your handbag and it lasts longer says Marie Kondo.


So I tried it the other night. If you empty the bag, you have to find a place to put the contents. I found this clear shoebox.


Doing this gave me a different feeling, I don’t know, more organized and in control.


I placed the purse upside down on top of the box, my own idea to avoid germs, lol. In the future I suppose I could wipe the bottom :-).

That morning I refilled the purse, opting to leave out some items, like a stack of other people’s business cards. (Kondo says we don’t need them anyway).

I am so hard on handbags, this Konmari idea is the perfect plan for purse preservation!

Kondo Can-do My Step 1

So you’re supposed to start the Konmari process with the first category, clothes. I wanted to do that desperately, but first I had to actually FIND space in my fully stuffed house.

I’m a bit embarrassed to show you just how “bordering hoarder” I have become, so I won’t. Let’s just say that it took me six hours (give or take a few breaks and checking work email) to clear out my office/storage room so I could see the floor. I will show you the finished result.


Believe it or not, you could not see the floor six hours ago.

I moved everything on the floor to the garage. Mind you, everything there was NOT on my office floor. There’s storage and garden supplies there.

That blue tarp is ready for more of my piles from the other stuffed rooms, but glad I don’t need it right now.


I have temporarily placed my office floor contents to the garage. I will be back to get to the joy!

I have to admit, it feels great getting my piles out of my would-be office. I feel lighter and my mind a bit clearer.

I am even more excited because I know that I will eventually get back to evaluating my boxes and bags when I reach that step. 

Now to start laying out my clothes in my newly cleared space!

Marie Kondo is a genius!


Finally a decluttering method that speaks to both my head and my heart, the Konmari method.
The basics:
1) Keep only what sparks joy in your life.
2) A fabulous folding method that maximizes the space in your drawers.
3) Organizing advice that begins with a strict editing of your belongings via category, not room.

Here is one of the best summaries I’ve found on the Konmari technique.

So guess what I am doing with the rest of my time off?


Getting ready for Konmari!

You guessed it! Taking advantage of an entire day to focus on dealing with my stuff, starting with my clothes. Above is one section of my closet before.


And here is my pants drawer before. Well, times a-wastin’, gotta get back to it.

A morning in the life of a backyard composter


I love composting. Even though I’m not using the compost right now, it just feels good to know my food waste isn’t going to a landfill. Instead it is helping to create a mini eco-system right in my backyard!  On most Saturday mornings,  I add some food waste to my bin and it is always incredibly easy. First I create a nice hole in my bin. I use an old rake handle and I just dig around and around.image Then I dumped in the waste I had been collecting all week. imageI use empty spinach and kale containers to collect my food waste. I get them from a big box shopping club store since I eat alot of fresh spinach and kale.

Part of my weekly food waste collection

Once the hole is made, it’s all about stirring the waste materials around and keeping the water flowing. It reminds me of the human digestive process, but for nature.

Dump, water, stir

You can see that I then fill in with leaves, patting everything back in place. The last step for me is to add some more leaves from my leaf pile and lots of water to keep the pressure on the compost. As long as I follow these steps, I don’t have to worry about animals digging around, looking for what I put in there. The material  breaks down into rich, dark compost, waiting for me, if and when I ever choose to use it.

Composting doesn’t have to be that difficult. To learn more, visit Mecklenburg County’s waste management site: www.wipeoutwaste.com.

That salad spinner, tho!

Only I would geek out about receiving a new salad spinner! Admittedly, I had never used one before . Old-fashioned I guess is the only reason why. When I picked up my Sow Much Good CSA allotment today, I received one. My volunteer was so enthusiastic about it, she really encouraged me to give it a try, so I did…and was I impressed! In this video, I’m just getting started. More to

Getting ready to use my salad spinner!

It’s Veggie time!

Picked up week 1 of vegetables from my #SowMuchGood CSA. My second season as a Farm Fresh to Go CSA member starts NOW!


Video of vegetable excitement!

My current (yummy) lunch situation. Thank you @thefoodbabe


My current lunch situation: Open face soft taco with “meat,” salsa and avocado.


“Meat” recipe courtesy of Food Babe. Secret: it’s made with cauliflower and lentils! Food Babe’s delicious taco meatless recipe.

Soup for now and later


Made a huge pot of 3-bean vegetable soup. My secret: strain, portion and freeze the broth from a pot of beans and save for later.

Also, less than energetic romaine lettuce makes a delicious broth with onions, garlic and other spices.

Strain, discard/compost the solids and use the broth as a base for soup.


I now have two quart jars to nibble on this week, 3 pint-sized bags to freeze, half a pint for a snack today and 1 pint to share with some lucky soul.