Crushed Red Pepper


What a weird past few weeks! I feel like God is reckoning with me on some things that I obviously still need to learn.

I was in a car accident Wednesday, Aug. 9. I’m okay. My car, unfortunately, is not okay, although she could be worse.

On that day, a series of events that could have easily gone one way, ended up going in a completely different direction. And the new, revised direction led to a series of events that resulted with me rear-ending a car in rush-hour traffic on Central Avenue.

I never get into car accidents. Little Red Pepper, aka Crimson and Creme, aka CiCi, aka The Red Belle, aka my favorite car to date, has lived a clean and innocent life. Her worst offense? Tooling around town, daring other cars to take her on as she morphs into warp speed  (sixth gear), smoking mere metal mortals.

Something so boring as driving to Fuel Pizza on Central Avenue after working late seems like an anti-climax to what Little Red Pepper might normally do.

Yep, we were just driving along in bumper-to-bumper traffic, merging into the left lane in front of Something Classic so I could be ready to turn left at Fuel. I saw a for-sale sign on the right and I wondered if that new restaurant, Bistro La Bon  was still in business. I kept my head turned just a tad bit too long, but I thought that the car in front of me had turned left and traffic was moving again. CRASH! I was wrong on both counts. Bistro La Bon was indeed still open for business and there was a new car in front of me, and that car was not moving.

Normally after work I go straight home, but I was so hungry after working late that I decided to get dinner early so I could hurry home and work on my new favorite project: Transforming my guest bedroom.

A slice of veggie on whole wheat from Fuel had my name on it and I could just about taste it and imagine my satisfied hunger. Instead, I found myself exchanging insurance information with the owner of a Nissan Rogue while waiting on a police officer.

The tag line “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down,” seems appropriate for me with what I have been dealing with lately.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like a “Weeble” as I am pushed this way and that by life’s ups and downs. Wobbly, but not flattened.

There were so many bright sides to this Wobbly situation. 1) nobody was hurt 2) I have car insurance that will pay for the Rogue owner’s car and 3) my car (hopefully) is reparable. (Still waiting to hear back from my insurance company.) 4) My insurance will cover most of my repairs 5) My insurance will pay for most of my car rental. 6) A really good friend called at just the right time and provided some well-needed moral support and assistance.

So in the midst of turmoil, it’s helpful to remember the bright side.

In the meantime, I am addressing those items in my life that need balance and are forcing me to examine my own behaviors. Not ready to share those details yet, but maybe in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to experience my blog!