Charlotte Writing Academy’s Debra Funderburk wants to help writers at the grassroots level

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Wanted to let everyone know about the Charlotte Writing Academy Conference coming to Charlotte on November 5, 2015 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Pineville.

Conference Founder, Debra Funderburk wants to help all writers, and especially those interested in self-publishing, develop the skills they need for success through the Charlotte Writing Academy Conference.

She asked me to be one of the presenters at the conference and I was honored. I was also curious, so I sat down with her weeks ago, to gain an understanding of her goals and the purpose of the conference.

A writer herself, Funderburk said she was inspired to start the Charlotte Writing Academy after working with other writers who wanted to become published authors, but were stuck trying to learn all the steps.

With a flair for teaching and organizing,  Funderburk realized that writers needed a safe place to learn, so she put her talents to use to form the Charlotte Writing Academy. The conference was the natural next step after creating the Academy. Through the conference, in its second year, she found she could reach a concentrated number of writers and connect them with needed resources.

Last year’s conference was such a hit, she decided to make it an annual event.

What will writers find at this year’s conference?

The focus of this year’s conference is “The Writer’s Market”. Funderburk understands that while many people may have a “book in them” waiting to be unleashed, they also need to understand the business of writing. Self-publishing can be very expensive, so she hopes to help writers save time, money and resources through the conference sessions and the opportunity to network.

A highlight of the conference will be the keynote speaker, Jason Mott, the author of the award-winning novel, The Returned and his new book, The Wonder of all Things.

Funderburk will view this year’s conference as successful from the eyes of someone who truly wants to help people. “I look at success in a different light…if someone comes to me with a problem and I can help them solve it, then that’s a huge success for me, and that’s what I hope the Charlotte Writing Academy and the conference will be for participants.

Debra Funderburk, Charlotte Writing Academy Founder discusses upcoming conference

Debra Funderburk, Charlotte Writing Academy Founder discusses upcoming conference

Charlotte Writing Conference Schedule REGISTER HERE It’s not too late!!

Thursday, November 5th
Pre-Conference Writing Workshop
Evening Kickoff Celebration

Friday, November 6th
Amazon: An Author’s Best Friend – Susan Sloate
Secrets to keeping your readers glued to your book – Craig Faris
Performance: Every author is a Speaker – Lisa Heidrich
The Business of Writing – Cathy Pickens
Using the power of feminine energy to unlock creativity – Dr. Lori Davis
Writing: The Heart Approach – Angela Haigler
I’ve finished my book, now what? An authors checklist – Susan Sloate

Saturday, November 7th
Morning Improv
Panel Discussion
Marketing Session
Prizes & Give Aways
Dinner & Awards Banquet
Book Fair