When to say YES! to the dress


I bought three new items the other day which inspired me to ponder when it’s okay to add items to the closet.

As many of you know, I’m pretty much a “shop your closet kind of girl.” I rarely buy new clothes and instead prefer to use the fabulous items already in my closet in new and creative ways.

Howeva! The other day I noticed that Ivy and Leo in uptown was having one of its monster 75% off sales.

I gave a quick perusal and found three items that fit my “say yes to the dress” philosophy.


One was a fuschia felt pea coat. Why yes? Great color for my skin, love the belted pea coat for my hour-glass shape, and the price at $23 seemed like a steal.


Then I found this cute jade green number. A bit shorter than I usually go for, but tights or leggings would solve that problem. Also, I love the “cold shoulder” cut-outs and the color makes my skin pop. With the sale: $10!image

Finally, came across this take on an animal print. Teal blue and beige with some reptile skin and leopard spots mixed in. Add my curves and you’ve got a show-
stopper that can work on the beach or the dance floor, depending upon accessories and mood. Price? $13!

Conclusion: Three new items for under $50! A veritable fashion coup!

What made me say yes to the dress?
1) Is the color good for my skin? YES!
2) Figure-flattering? YES!
3) Can the item be mixed in with what I already own? YES!
4) Must be timeless…able to extend beyond the trends YES!
4) Will the purchase keep me within my budget for the month? Wellll…..