Snow Day City, USA


A snow day inspires more posting!

Just wanted to say hello to my wonderful blog followers and general readers. It has been almost a year since you heard from me. I’m doing well. Just busy as always. I really enjoy blogging so I need to get back to it, right? I’m enjoying a snow day today, which means a day full of alerting the public about our snow day, resting, cooking, watching some mindless t.v. and meandering back to my blog. I’m setting a challenge for myself: A minimum of a blogpost every week, about whatever is on my mind, from fashion to football to fiction and beyond.

How does one spend a snow day? Earlier I watched ABC’s “The Chew” and I want to make these yummy looking wings:

I also made myself a Chicken and Greens soup with chicken, garlic, collard greens, kale, green peppers and anything else I could find in the fridge. I love soup. I really love soup.

Tasty soup made from what's in the fridge, yum!

Tasty soup made from what’s in the fridge, yum!

I checked in with my mom and dad who live in Florence and Atlanta respectively. They both survived the wintry weather there and are doing fine. And then comfort fooded myself with some chocolate chip cookies and coffee. Even got a little writing done. Now I think I need a nap. Yes I’m also fighting off a cold and rest really is the best remedy.

If you had a snow day today, how did you spend it?