I think I found my tribe

I made an agreement with myself, and it looks like I may keep it.

My challenge, as always, is making time for writing.

As a marketing and communications professional, I am always writing, but it’s almost always for others.

In my creative writing classes, I implore my students to make time for writing, while I rarely claim the same for myself.

Last Monday, last class day for 4 weeks, something clicked — and connected . If I can give my students a piece of me for 6 weeks, could I not share me with myself for 4?

I quickly researched a coworking space that was convenient and reasonable and well, I gave me my first Monday yesterday. And I’m back here today. On a Tuesday.

Being here makes me feel at peace and creative. They have coffee, hot water and a fridge, couches, tables and a microwave. They have soothing music.

Get this: membership comes with access to meeting rooms and a podcasting studio!

If I’m able to get here no more than the once per week I originally planned over the next four weeks, the investment will be more than worth it.

Buut, if today is any indication, I will likely be using my new Advent office much, much more.


Taking an @konmari_method break


Have some major writing assignments ahead. Still love the method! Stay tuned, I’ll be back!

Just saying hello again!

So I have two blogs and I have two twitter accounts. The funny thing is that I can’t remember the log-ins to both sets of twitter accounts and both sets of wordpress accounts at the same time.  I make myself laugh!

I actually FORGOT that I created this Angelic Musings blog a loooong time ago. So I also have this wordpress blog with a different blog url, that is also called Angelic Musings. But I like this one better because the url is actually the name of the blog: www.angelicmusings.wordpress.com. So I will use this one. Either I’ll transfer over the other posts or scrap the other blog and start from scratch on this one. Of course I can check with wordpress to get the login and password, but what’s the rush? Continue reading